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5 Best Pizza Places in Loughborough

5. Pizza Express

Pizza Express is exactly what is says on the box, you can order cheap pizza quickly delivered to your door, with the quality of the pizza not being amazing, but still perfect to satisfy you on a planned movie night with your mates!

Pizza and tea

4. Dominos

Well known chain Dominoes has a lot to offer the students of Loughborough. With good student deals and excellent pizza’s, be sure to make the most out of your Loughborough Dominos.

Located at 153 Derby Road, Dominos isn’t the easiest place to get to, however ordering online is quick and simple!

Pizza dominos

3. Papa John’s

Papa John another well-known worldwide chain is also renowned for the quality of its pizza. They may be traditional American Pizza’s, but wow do they taste good.

Papa John’s has a lot of choice, and their pizzas are all made with high quality ingredients.

elaborated pizza

2. Bella Italia

Bella Italia, located in the center of town, is a savory traditional Italian restaurant. Besides from delicious stone baked Pizza serves a whole range of Italian meals, at a not to expensive price.

They deliver, but the restaurant itself it a decent place to have a meal, with a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or even you parents!

Pizzas and beers

1. Peter’s Pizzeria

Peter’s Pizzeria located just around the corner from Loc8me main offices is one of the best places to go in town if you want a stone baked Pizza.

With lots of different choice of Pizza’s and are not at exorbitant prices if you want a delicious stone baked pizza delivered to your doo.

Pizza and rosemary

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