3 times in Sheffield where you can show off your culture

Students from all over the globe come over to Sheffield to be able to study in one of UK’s most well-respected universities. Hence, it comes to no surprise that Sheffield has a reputation of embracing the multitudes of cultures through various events within the university. 
These events never fail to bring the international community closer together not just among themselves but also with those wanting to learn more about the countries of the world. 


World Week

Tons of events are showcased during this week and it all starts off with the World Week Parade. Anyone can join in with their country’s flag and march to the Peace Gardens in the city centre with special dancers that travel with the parade (last year was Samba dancing!). Students in their colourful traditional costumes with their flags raised up high never fails to keep spirits high.

This is an event that you cannot miss. Various other events are spread out across the week from important discussions and debates to pizza cooking and quick language courses. You might surprise yourself and find something you really enjoy during this week.

The International Cultural Evening (ICE)

This event has been taking place for almost 40 years and is a personal favourite of mine. If you want to travel around the world in one evening, ICE is the perfect event for you. This event features vibrant performances from national societies and is definitely one of the most anticipated events in the Students Union calendar. 
I still remember my night of watching all the performances so vividly and having that feeling of amazement sitting on my chest beating away. 
It was truly a magical evening showcasing dances from the South Korean Society to the African Caribbean Society. My favourite performances being the Pakistani and Indian Society. If you’ve got a knack for dancing, it would be such a great experience to be able to not only dance but to spread joy and pride to everyone.

Street Food

The World Food Festival

This is a weekend filled with home-cooked meals and snacks from various countries represented by their societies in the university. The entrance fee is cheap and you are sure to have a good time. 
These dishes were cooked by those who have had their recipes for generations or have been taught by their relatives on how to prepare them. You can’t get more authentic than this. These are not the only events you’ll find in Sheffield highlighting international countries and students as each society within their University are always planning events. Chinese New Year festival, Holi, Dia de los Muertos and so much more are celebrated here. 
Make sure to give these events a try, they might bring you closer to home than you think .

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