10 reasons why Loughborough is the best place to live in the UK right now!

1. In 2017-2018, Loughborough University was voted the best sports university IN THE WORLD.

That’s right, the QS World University Ranking put Loughborough at number 1 compared to all other University’s in the world for all sports related subjects. The university is known for its athlete producing capabilities, essentially being the school producing the highest number of Olympians, and professional sportspeople in the world. 
A big part of this are the world class facilities provided to its students, which includes 2 high quality gym’s, rugby, football, cricket, athletics, tennis sports/pitches/courts/tracks, and a beautiful Olympic size swimming pool.


2. It is consistently ranked in the UK’s top 10 universities, by well informed UK entities.

For 2019 Loughborough was ranked 7th in the Complete University Guide and 4th in the Guardian University ranking and in 2018 was ranked 6th in the U.K by the Times Higher Education Table of tables.

3. Living in Loughborough is extremely cheap

Living in Loughborough as a student is fairly simple. You can go to cheap pubs, restaurants and get a lot for your money, with the average pint at around 3 pounds, food and transport in town being relatively cheap, living in Loughborough is very very easy.


“Loughborough may be small… but you will find everything you need in this cute little East Midlands town. “

market again

4. It has a quaint old market with everything one could need

Loughborough may be small but make no mistake you will find everything you need in this cute little East Midlands town. The Carillion Court in the center of town has a lot to offer, and 5 minutes in all directions you can find cinemas, Holland and Barrett’s, gym’s, Sainsbury’s and all other matter of things you would need as a student.

5. It has some excellent pubs and restaurants in the area, including an award winning curry!

Be it fast food, or high-class dinners, or traditional English pub food, everything is on offer in Loughborough town. You can head to the griffin for a slightly more expensive pub lunch, or to the well-known Wetherspoons chain pubs of which there are two in Loughborough for a cheaper yet still tasty meal.


6. It’s in the middle of the UK, with cheap and easy transport links to both the North and the South of England

20 minutes to Nottingham, 20 minutes to Leicester, 1 hour to Sheffield 1:30 hours Leeds, 2 hours to Birmingham, and 3 hours to London, that’s right, being in the Midlands makes transport to other places in the U.K easy. You can either go by Bus which will be a less expensive, or by train which will be quicker.

“Being in the Midlands makes transport to other places in the UK easy”

7. It has the buzzing nightlife of Nottingham at arms length, while remaining in itself a warm and quiet town

Loughborough is a fairly small albeit well known town in the East Midlands. As well as the university’s academic reputation, the town is known for its calm and peacefulness. 
However, if you wish for the opposite and go crazy and a mad night out, you have the stylish and fun city of Nottingham with awesome venues like Rock City you can go to where a lot of the best artists in the world can be found playing.


8. Loughborough has an AMAZING climbing centre

On Empress road, you can find Loughborough’s unique and amazing climbing center. You can participate casually, or competition, but you are guaranteed a good time. 
Be careful though, climbing is tough and not for the faint hearted. You are practically guaranteed to wake up the next morning with sores all over your body.

9. You will always find like-minded people in Loughborough

Having a world class university in your town attracts people from all backgrounds, and Loughborough University prides itself on its ability to attract all different kinds of people whether that be more locally based Europeans, or people on the other side of the world.


10. If you love watching sport then you’re in for a treat

Attending the best sports university in the world is bound to have its perks, even if you are not very sporty yourself. If you attend the university, you can watch games of rugby, football, tennis, swimming, water polo, and many other played at an extremely high and entertaining level.

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